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How Can Apple iOS 14 Privacy Update Affect Your Facebook Ads and How To Prepare It?

It's real. It's what happened. After Apple iOS 14 released, it actually had some side effects on Facebook ads setting and reporting.

As what we see, the ecosystem of digital ads has many changes.

Apple new version start to require apps in the App Store that engage in what Apple defines as "tracking" to show a prompt to iOS 14 users, based on their AppTrackingTransparency framework. It will stop relevant data collection and sharing unless people opt in to tracking on iOS 14 devices via the prompt. As more people opt out of tracking on iOS 14 devices, ads personalisation and performance reporting will be limited for both app and web conversion events. To see more detailed, you can visit

So, how to prepare it? How can we avoid the unnecessary loss when we set up Facebook ads?

1. According to the Facebook Business Help Centre, Facebook's SDK for iOS 14 version 8.1 now supports Apple's SKAdNetwork API and enables measurement for app install ads. You can deliver ads on your business's app once you install it.

2. To verify domain of your website. It can help you avoid any future disruption of your website campaigns. According to Facebook official update, this verification must be done for the effective top-level domain plus one (eTLD+1). For example, for, and, the eTLD+1 domain is

3. You are supposed to create seperate iOS 14 app install campaigns although you can use your existing ad accounts to advertise to iOS 14 users. Because the reporting limitations from Apple's SKAdNetwork API. The following are additional limitations that you'll need to consider.

4. Facebook has introduced the new delivery statuses to Ads Manager, exclusively to iOS 14 app campaigns and website event conversion campaigns.

5. Businesses are limited in their ability to overview the performance for iOS 14 under the new policy of Apple. For iOS 14 app install campaigns, reporting will need to rely on data from Apple's SKAdNetwork API for mobile app installs and other app conversion events. Similar limitations will apply to the measurement of some web conversion events because of reporting limitations of iOS 14 devices. The following limitations are expected across Ads Manager, ads reporting and the Ads Insights API. (

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