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While there are a variety of ways that a marketer can define a “conversion”, the vast majority involve acquiring a sales prospect’s email address. It is possible to drive people directly from social media to purchase a product. However, usually, a closer relationship nurtured via email is required before a prospect becomes a paying customer.


Most people are aware of email marketing and do not provide their email addresses as easily as they ‘follow’ profiles on social media. This is because email is regarded as a private space in which users must elect to receive further communication. This means that acquiring an email address is highly valuable and signifies a greater level of trust in the brand than social media following.


Email marketing is a critical step in the social media marketing process; without it, most organizations will struggle to effectively monetize their investment in social media. This Unit will cover email marketing in extensive detail, ensuring you know how to utilize landing pages, retargeting, and email content to ‘turn your social media followers into dollars’. You will learn how to employ conversion tactics, develop and implement an effective email marketing strategy, and nurture leads into paying customers to achieve your marketing goals.

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